C4LBeta 3d Printing Service by Cycloid System

C4LBeta is a 3D Printing service run by Cycloid System.

Custom components for Large community

Now Order Online !

Not able to find right gear for your next robot ?
Or looking for a perfect enclosure ?

Why not just make simple drawing of it and order online ?


We offer 3D printing service using following material, Call us at +91 8088012040:

UPDATE: We now also offer service via SLS & SLA method using PU based Resin Material.

Steps to follow:

1. Provide your drawing in STL or SKP file, your preferred color and your shipping address.

2. We will provide you estimated cost and payment methods.

3. On receiving confirmation for order and payment we will print your design and ship within 2 working days.

Feel free to get in-touch with us for any help.


  • Blender and Sketchup are easy and financially free to use CAD software with video tutorial.
  • Keep minimum wall thickness of 2 mm for strength.
  • If you are a creating hollow part, provide internal support in drawing. Otherwise our software will include it randomly and provide in printing. All of these supports may not be removable.
  • We at Cycloid System organize “3D Printing Workshop”, join our mailing list for annoncement.


  • No need of purchasing rapid prototyping machine and maintaining it.
  • Perfect for experiment purpose.

Following are snap of sample printed parts:

Following filament color are available in PLA material:

Please indicate your color preference while placing order.

We exact payment using Bank Transfer, Online Netbanking & Credit Card.

Call us at +91 8088012040
You can also get in-touch by commenting below:

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